Why is Quicken logging into my bank at odd hours?

My bank recently implemented a little service where they list your login history. Going through it I noticed logins occurring at odd hours. Mostly in the middle of the night. I checked with my bank and they say the IP address is owned by Intuit. The only online Quicken service that I use is transaction download and investment history for my accounts which I initiate manually when I start up Quicken. I do not use Quicken bill pay services or any other form of online banking. I do not have Quicken on my phone or other device. I do not backup to the Quicken cloud.

What business does Quicken have looking into my accounts after hours?

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  • DaveT2929
    DaveT2929 Member
    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    According to my account list, I'm using Direct Connect and nothing on the Quicken page indicated that they would be logging into my bank during off hours. I'm going to follow up with my bank to determine what activity is being performed during those sessions.



    BTW - Quicken 2019 R22.12 on Win10
  • DaveT2929
    DaveT2929 Member
    Yep, this was the issue. An account that I haven't touched in 25 years. It must have been auto-added when I was trouble shooting an account issue a few months ago where I reloaded all my account information for that bank.

    Odd that the account would use a different method than the rest of my accounts. Though it is different in that it's a line-of-credit loan account and not a regular savings or checking account.

    Thanks for the help,

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