Can't Install Q Mac Starter 2019

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I used to have quicken. I bought the Starter Sub package last year. I get the dreaded "Quicken needs to be installed in the applications folder".
While researching this, I saw a workaround was to put it in the "root" App folder. What does that mean and how do I do that step by step?
This is EXTREMELY frustrating. I just want it to work so that I can look at my accounts.
Mac OS 10.13.6

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  • RickO
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    What exactly happens when you click the Install button on the dialog of your screenshot?

    There are two Applications folders on your Mac. The one referred to as the "root" Applications folder is at 

    MyHardDrive > Applications

    The other one is in your user directory at

    MyHardDrive > Users > MyName > Applications

    The Quicken app needs to be installed in the former, not the latter location.

    You need to be logged into the Mac as an admin user to make changes to the root Applications folder. This might be the problem.

    Also, you may want to try logging into your account at and re-download the installer.
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  • MarianneB
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    Thank you for the quick response.

    I did Install it at the right location cause when I double-click the icon, that's where Quicken goes automatically.

    I am an admin user. (I looked that up in Sys Pref > User and Groups.
    I'm the only user of this iMac.

    I'm also re-logged into Quicken and have downloaded the app several times. Each time the same thing happens.
  • jacobs
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    So just to be sure I'm understanding correctly, when you open your Applications folder and scroll down, you have the with the red Q logo there? If you click on it once and do File > Get Info, what version of Quicken does it show that it is? And if you double click on there to launch Quicken, do you get the message that it needs to be in the Applications folder? And if you click Install, what happens?

    That message typically shows up if it was installed on a locked disk, like a flash drive or a disk image. So I just wanted to make sure you have the actual in the Applications folder (not the .dmg file that is the installer).

    Also, what version of macOS are you running (although this likely doesn't matter)?
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  • MarianneB
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    edited October 2019
    > @jacobs said:
    > @lhossus has a likely cause and solution -- except there's one key piece of the solution missing: how do you get the Mac to show you hidden files and folders? The trick is to press Command-Shift-period to make the Mac show hidden files/folders. Pressing Command-Shift-period again will re-hide them.

    Thank y'all very much! Deleting the background folder worked!
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