I accidentally received a customer etransfer into a LOC and can't use the form to receive the paymen

I accidentally received a customer e-transfer into a Line Of Credit and can't use the "Receive a Customer Payment" form to receive it. I know I can just categorize the transaction as "Rents Received" in this case but there will still be an invoice without a payment. Any help on how to make this happen?

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  • UKR
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    You mean to say that the "Deposit to:" box in the Customer Payment dialog doesn't show the LOC account register in Quicken?
    And you're also saying that, at the bank the customer's payment was deposited into the LOC account at the bank?
    I'm not sure what selection criteria the "Deposit to:" box uses to list available account registers. I also don't see a way to quick-fix change that to include the LOC register.
    How about you transfer the payment from the LOC to the Checking account at the bank, then receive payment in Quicken from the Checking account register as usual?
  • CoolHandJoe
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    UKR you've read the situation exactly right. The problem with actually transferring the money to receive it is that it's a year old transaction I'm entering into Quicken since I just purchased it approx. a month ago. I'm just importing, categorizing and, setting up the accounts, customers, etc. It's very weird since the LOC is an account categorized as a business account and the "Deposit to" dialog shows my business chequing which is great but it also shows all my savings including my TFSA and RRSP accounts that are categorized as personal and have never been used for business but, not my business LOC. It sounds like I may have to create some manual entries to move the money around but, I was hoping to find some way to do it and have it show up properly on my taxes. Any suggestions?
  • CoolHandJoe
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    The payment was actually received into the LOC and it's in the correct register so, if I move it I'll have to add some manual transactions to balance things. Like maybe receive it into the business chequing with the form then transfer it to the LOC with some Memos. It seems a little klunky and I wish I knew more for a more elegant solution but if there's no other way I guess I'll do that and remember not to receive money directly into my lines of credit or any other credit account for that matter since none of them show up in the "Deposit to" drop down.
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