Credit card payments (autopay) not appearing in an update. Just charges

I just caught that with, at least, 2 cards at Amex and 2 at Chase, the payments I've made to them are not showing up...since last Feb 2018! Just the charges made are captured. Chase said she's gotten several calls about this. Any suggestions, short of doing a manual download of the missing payments?

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  • GeoffG
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    It would be better to manually add them to the register than download them. I know Chase uses Direct Connect, which makes this an issue at their end. I don't use Amex.
    If this goes back to 2018, how are you reconciling your accounts?
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  • UKR
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    Do your account registers' balances compare correctly to the statement ending balances?
    Or are you missing transactions in your registers?
    Is it possible that your account registers either are not sorted by Date or filtered to show Expenses only?
  • 1. To GeoffG, I don't formally reconcile on my cc's ( though I do with checking accts.). With cc, it's more about the tracking of expenditures to use for tax time and for budgeting. (I rarely pay cash for things, so everything is trackable).

    2. To URK, before I manually either entered them or did a specific download importing just trax coded as payments, I checked and sorted the register in a variety of ways to see if I was somehow just not seeing them. They were not in the register, which means they were not imported.

    3. All my payments have posted for this month, so I can't check again til the beginning of November. I also want to pay attention to whether credits got posted (eg, a return made at a store), thereby indicating all credits were somehow skipped over, or was it just specifically cc payments.
  • volvogirl
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    Does your checking account show the payments?  Then that should be off too.  Or what category is on the payment transactions?
  • Vovlvogirl: Checking account DOES show the payments, but the accounts aren't connected. It's not a "transfer," if that's what you are asking.. I don't use Quicken as a bill payer. I set up autopay directly from the card's site. Hope this helps clarify...and thanks!
  • volvogirl
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    Then where are your payments in the checking account going?  They should be a transfer to the credit card Account.  Not just to a category.  That has nothing to do with setting up a bill payer.  Just how you categorize your transactions.  
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