Cannot update bank password for account (Q Mac)

Hi-my bank requested a password change to my online account which I did. I then went to update the new password in Quicken>Settings>Change Password, but it will not let me update to the new password so I am unable to download new transactions. Anything I am missing here? (Quicken Starter 2019 - 5.12.5 - macOS 10.14.6). I attempted to go into Mac Keychain and make the change there for that Quicken account access, but unfortunately, I do not remember the old password and I assumed Keychain would automatically update Keychain once I adjusted it in the my settings. Thanks.

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  • Heidi O.
    Heidi O. Member ✭✭
    Hi - deactivating and reactivating worked, gave that a shot this morning, thanks! You do actually have to know the old password in Keychain to make a change to a new one, no getting around it. I don't use Keychain for anything except Quicken which is why I had issues. Anyway, all fixed, thanks!
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