I have Quicken set for 5 backups but I have many more

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My old backups are not being deleted even though I have the limit set at 5. Currently I have 11 and have to delete the older ones manually.


  • RickO
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    What version are you using? This was a bug a while back but was fixed in an update. Unfortunately, I don't remember which update.
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    Quicken support answered this. The text in the preferences is wrong. It should say “Keep x back ups per day”. Old back ups have to be removed manually.
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    IT said:
    Quicken support answered this. The text in the preferences is wrong. It should say “Keep x back ups per day”. Old back ups have to be removed manually.
    Who told you that?
    @RickO is correct. There was a bug at some point in time that allowed more than [xx] Automatic Backups to be stored in the \Documents\Quicken\Backup folder. That problem was fixed. My Autobackup folder contains exactly the number of backups that are specified in the settings.
    Manual Backups do not have a setting for a maximum number of backups. It's up to the user to delete old backups at their discretion.
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    So if you have the date added to the backup then it is a new file name and won't delete the prior ones.  I do not add the date to my manual backups so it overwrites the last one.  I backup to a flash drive and have several I rotate each time.  .  

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    I have the date added to the automatic backups, and Quicken keeps the exact number of backups in the folder My Documents/Quicken/Backup, as specified in the settings. Using version 22.17.
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    Quicken chat support gave me that answer that seemed ridiculous at the time. I will email or call and see if I get more useful help. I’m on the very latest version. From my experience their support has always been poor.
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    Version 5.9.0, 5.9.1, & 5.9.2 (12/2018)

    In 5.9, we focused mostly on improving the stability and reliability of Quicken, but there are a few nice improvements worth mentioning.

    New Features and Improvements

    • IMPROVED - Improved overall search performance when searching for transfer accounts in both the category and transfer fields. Also refined the way search works while typing in the Search field.
    • IMPROVED - Display a less intrusive subscription reminder as a small notification at the top of the window instead of popping up a screen on launch.
    • IMPROVED - Added the ability to include retirement accounts in the tax report to track taxable withdrawals.
    • IMPROVED - The Portfolio View will now display N/A instead of 0 when Gain/Loss or ROI Amounts/Percentages don't fit within the defined holding period.
    • IMPROVED - The sidebar can now be temporarily hidden by dragging the slider to close it. This setting is not saved so you can easily get it back. Look for continued improvements in a future release.
    • IMPROVED - Re-enabled the ability to have tabbed windows using View > Show Tab Bar.
    • NEW - Added Cost Basis/Share and Account columns to the investment Portfolio View.
    • NEW - Added a Security Overview button to the Security window that opens a web page providing more security details.
    • NEW - Added support for the new Quicken World Mastercard - Designed especially for Quicken members. Get real-time notifications in your Quicken mobile app when you use your card, including pending transactions, so your spending, budgets and custom alerts are always up to date.
    • NEW - Added support for the new Quicken Capital One savings account. Make your cash work harder for you. Earn 2.00% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) plus an up to $600 exclusive bonus.

    Quality Improvements

    • FIXED - In reports, fixed an issue where the Last 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90-Day filters were off by 1 day.
    • FIXED - Fixed an issue where drill down reports weren't respecting the payee or tag filtering.
    • FIXED - Fixed an issue where the Category Summary report wasn't displaying hidden payees because the Include Hidden Payees checkbox was unchecked. It should be checked by default.
    • FIXED - Fixed an issue where the Keep Number of Backup Files preference wasn't being honored.
    • FIXED - Quicken automatically combines dividends with their corresponding buys and converts them to a single reinvested dividend transaction. In this case, the new transaction wasn't being marked as cleared but should have been.
    • FIXED - Fixed an issue where price history for holdings in a new account wasn't getting updated.
    • FIXED - Fixed an issue where new accounts weren't immediately added to the Quicken Cloud when Sync was turned on.
    • FIXED - Fixed a number of issues in buy and sell transactions in Single Mutual Fund and 401(k) accounts.
    • FIXED - Fixed an issue where IRR calculations were incorrectly using the acquisition date instead of the register date for Add Share transactions.
    • FIXED - Fixed an issue where Remove Share transactions were showing up in the Portfolio - Realized Gain view and the Tax Report - Schedule D.
    • FIXED - Improved the overall stability of Quicken by fixing the number 1 and 2 crashing issues that customers were running into.
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    Thanks, very helpful.
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