Budget "To Date" Incorrect

When viewing the budget in the Annual \ Details view, the To Date column shows the balance that includes income that hasn't occurred yet so it's a negative amount. I've been paid through the middle of the month, but the balance is showing a negative amount as it's including my end of month paycheck. Shouldn't this show zero since I received my middle of the month paycheck and To Date my budget is on track?

My paycheck is setup in bills and reminders so Quicken should know when my income occurs and adjust the balance To Date accordingly.

Perhaps I have something setup wrong or Quicken is not taking into account the date of income?

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  • schuhdw
    schuhdw Member ✭✭
    I'm on R22.17. OK, yes I see the To Date is year-to-date and it looks like the piece I was missing was including Reminders, for some reason I thought those should have been included by default. After doing a little digging I found the option to enable and this is more like what I was looking for.

    Thanks so much for the help!
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