Quicken 2013 wont update securities

Been using Quicken 2013, suddenly it won't update securities.
the error on One Step update says: None of the requested securities were recognized.


  • volvogirl
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    Aw shucks.  I have 2013 also.  Maybe they finally got around to turning that off.  2013 stopped being supported many years ago but quotes still worked.  Sorry if they found the old server and turned it off there's nothing we can do.

  • volvogirl
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    Using One Step Update?  Didn't know that was working.  I go to the Investing tab then update quotes.  Does anything else still update?  
  • volvogirl
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    Yep, just checked mine.  Can't update.  My 2004 program stopped in the fall, forget what year so I bought 2013 in Dec 2012.  After 2004 stopped I used a cute little program called Netstock to automate the quotes.  But I don't think it is still around.  

  • Same problem today 10/19/19. Last update available was 10/11/19
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    Thanks, everyone. It turns out Intuit is not supporting 2013 anymore, so now you have to move to the subscription based software. $65 a year for Quicken Premium? I've been using Quicken since it was DOS based (1990?) 
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    Right.  And they always only supported each version for 3 years  until they went to the subscription model.  They always turned off all online services like downloading transactions after 3 years except you could still get the quotes for longer.

    Quicken Discontinuation Policy…
    Quicken 2015 in April 2018
    Quicken 2014 in April 2017
    Quicken 2013 was discontinued (sunsetted) April 30, 2016
    Quicken 2012 & Q Mac 2005 & Quicken Essentials was discontinued in April 2015
    Quicken 2011 in April 2014
    Quicken 2010 in April 2013.
    But you can still use your program manually. You can add your bank as a manual account by selecting Advanced Setup in blue lettering at the bottom of the  screen that asks the name of your bank when creating a new account. 

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