In the Category Summary Report, I get individual transactions in some categories. Usually they are

small amounts in miscellaneous categories. I would like to eliminate them.

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  • John_in_NC
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    Could you elaborate? The report is based on your transactional history.

    To delete items in the report would mean changing transactions. What is going on?
  • Why are individual transactions shown in the Category Summary Report, but only for some categories? They usually are for small cash transactions which I summarize and enter monthly to reflect cash payments . They also may be credit card transactions, again typically for small amounts. Are these being flagged for review and, if so, what are the criteria? More importantly, how do I prevent them from being listed on a Summary Report?
  • RickO
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    Have you clicked the popup menu at the upper right that says "Update view to show me: Details for all categories". Having anything else selected in this menu will result in some hidden transactions.

    I will add that there are some anomalies in the Category Summary report that sometimes make for strange results. That report is one of the older ones that's not really being maintained. You would be much better off using the Transactions Report or Summary Report. (If you are still using QM2017, these are found in the New Reports menu.)
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