Budget reports does not include reminders

I would like to have a budget report that includes future reminders. Now it seems all that shows are actual. I have tired running the report with custom dates, IE. 01/01/2019 thru 12/31/2019


  • David Christopher
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    I do not know what format of report you want but. You can get future amounts in the budget report if:

    1. Go to spending register and in upper right there is a little 'Clock' icon.  Click that and choose 'Next 90 days' (because you can not see a report for next year.You could choose 'Next 12 months' but the report will not reflect the next 12 months until Jan.)

    2. Pull up the Current budget.Make the date range yearly, current year, The Account (spending register), and 2019 will be selected automatically. 
    The format is by month Now November and December are filled in.

    If you have transfers like a car payment or mortgage or savings goals, You need to go to the Customize Advanced screen and choose Include all for transfers. 

    The results look like this (I collapsed the Report so you get the idea.)

    That is as close as I can get it to what you want. Mine is a little different with the 0's at bottom for Net Difference because the account My Checking only pays for scheduled transactions. I would hate to look at my wifes report for her checking because we pays all the variable expenses out of her income.
  • UKR
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    If you'd like to get your Annual Budget View to show future reminders as if they had actually occurred already, click Budget Actions / View options and make sure that "Include reminders" has a checkmark. That will give you about the same results as the paper report shown above.
  • 4birdie
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    Thanks what I want is for the printed report to show the future reminders like the computer screen.
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