How does Quicken for Mac maintain and update investment symbols

I recently ran into a problem with a stock symbol not recognized by Quicken for Mac. Called and found out Quicken relies on Morningstar to provide symbol definitions and information for investments. I have two stocks which is recognized on the NY stock exchange but not by Morningstar. When Quicken does not recognize the stock symbol it defaults to the parent company's common stock symbol while show the symbol for the stock requested. This results in an incorrect daily quote and total profitability of the stock. Tech support did not seemed concerned that they do not have the correct reporting information. Two stocks in question are Duke Energy New Deposit Shares (DUK PRA) and Met Life Depositary Shares (MET PRE). Met life does finally recognize MET PRE as MET pre or MET-E which gives the value of the MET Life shares.


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    [edit] - never mind
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    I Agee to never mind. I used Quicken for Windows for over 15 years never having a problem. Seems like there are constant problems with Quicken for the Mac. No where close to as comprehensive as PC versions.
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    Actually, I had never seen or heard of a security listed like that.
    I did a search using the usual major websites, and nothing.
    Then did a Google search with the starting characters,
    and at least the DUK.PRA popped up.
    I still didn't see the at all.
    SO - what is so different about these 2 equities ? with the different syntax ?
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