How to change a Mortgage 'Split Transaction'

Even though my mortgage payment is not due until the first of each month, I tend to pay it a few days ahead. That means that Quicken's pre-calculated interest for any given month is not what my lender is crediting me with. Specifically, Quicken is showing $534.78 interest paid this month. I actually paid $536.40 or $1.62 more. That itself is confusing - why would I need to pay more if I am paying it sooner. I'll leave that question alone for now.
I changed the split amount of interest to reflect what I actually paid but the mortgage balance did not update. What am I doing wrong?
Also, if I click on the interest paid, a dialog box says, "In order to change it, you must go to the source transaction by using 'Go To matching transfer' from the edit button. Okay, except I cannot find the 'Go To'. Double H E L P ! ! !

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    Your answer is spot-on. Thank you very much - problem solved.
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