Issue with deleting cloud data from Windows version

I recently encountered an issue on the Windows side that led me to giving the Mac version another try. As I've been generally happy with the Mac version and prefer that since I can use Quicken natively vs within a Windows VM, I'm trying to clean up traces from my Windows installation. One of those traces is the online cloud data. I'm trying to follow the instructions at but in step 3 where "Cloud accounts associated with this Quicken ID is highlighted in red" is referenced, I'm not seeing that option at all.

If I view all cloud accounts from the Mac side, the only account I'm seeing is the one associated with the Mac install. This would seem to indicate the Window version has in fact been purged; however, when logging into, I have 2 different cloud accounts to choose from. When I choose the Windows version, there's no data there since I have that functionality turned off within the Windows version; however, my expectation is that disabling that functionality would have fully purged all remnants, including the actual data file itself such that I only have 1 data file to choose from.

Am I missing something here / is there a way to fully purge that Windows data file from the cloud?



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