How do fix the repeating of income dividend entries?

I entry numerous dividend and the program repeats the entries and then I have to go back and delete the entries that are doubles


  • Gary
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    Recently, I've been working extensively with dividend downloads. Regarding dividend re=investments, I find different download transactions from different brokerages. Some brokerages transmit a single dividend reinvest transaction. Other brokerages send two transactions (one for income, the other for the purchase).

    Also, what appears as dividends may also be return of capital.

    Foreign investments may have misc-exp transaction representing tax with-holding.

    In no case have i encountered duplicate transactions.

    After downloading separate income and bought transactions that are actually dividends that are re-invested, I often prefer to convert the two transactions into a single "Dividend Reinvest" transaction so that Quicken can track my dividend Re-investments. I wish quicken could do this for me. It takes an enormous amount of time.

    Can you clarify the exact steps, you perform, that result in "doubles?" Hopefully you are downloading and manually entering your dividend transactions.