Annual Budget Problem

I'm new! I established my annual budget with 'categories'. I did this in Oct (this mo). Everything balances. But Now my entire annual budget shows up IN the month of October, So when I click Annual-the figures have doubled among other things. HOW can I get my annual budget total to evenly distribute by 12 months (my fy is July 1 to June) so that I can compare Actual by a Monthly budgeted amount?


  • kittn
    kittn Member
    Maybe more info will help. My FY starts Jul1. We spent $ Jul, Aug, Sept . It wasn't until Oct that the 'budget ' amounts were approved. It looks like the budget shows ALL in Oct. Further, it looks like transactions that PRE-DATE this budget input in October are not reflected IN the 'Budget Status Colume'. please help. I just want jul 1 2019 through June 30 2020 to show Actual v Budget amount by month, OR just Actual and 'whats left' of the annual amount.
  • David Christopher
    David Christopher Member ✭✭✭✭
    I do not know if this will help, but I just read up on this in the Help section. I created a budget that goes from July through June as you described.  Here are the steps I followed.
    1. Open budget window
    2. Under "Budget Actions" choose 'Create New Budget'.
    3. Enter the Budget Name.
    4. On same screen at bottom, Click on 'Advanced Budget settings' and check 'Use a different calendar for this Budget ... and Type in July for the Start Date. Then click Next and choose how you want to build the budget (Manual or let Q do it for you.)

    I attach a screen shot of the resulting Budget. I just randomly added an income and a few categories, but I did no work other than that just to get a picture of what it would look like.
  • kittn
    kittn Member
    THANK YOU. It 'shows' in the top left box, July to June 2020. Great. Then I click on show the Annual budget format/it reverts to Jan through Dec. Let me try again. It shouldn't be this hard to just divide that budget correctly. I have expenses recorded for Jul, Aug, Sept; but our board didn't approve a budget until October. That shouldn't matter, but I must have set an incorrect parameter.
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