Deleting investment entries takes 2 minute for each entry.

I accidentally downloaded 6 years of duplicate investment entries. Apparently, the entries slightly changed at the brokerage, and so it downloaded duplicate entries. I finally figured out how to delete multiple investment entries (with form help, would have never found it on my own.) However, it takes 2 minutes to delete each entry. This will take years to fix. (Before I discovered the problem I had made many entries so I did not want to go back to the last back up.) I notified Quicken about how long each delete takes and they seemed to have never heard of the problem. Has anyone else ever had this problem in an investment account? If so is there a fix?

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    I forgot to mention:
    Do make sure that none of the available cloud backup programs, e.g., Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. access your active Quicken data file while Quicken is running. This can contribute to slowness and cause irreversible file damage.
    Do send your Manual Backup created by Quicken as you exit the program to either an external USB drive or a cloud backup system.
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