How to handle up-grade and stock entry errors

I hope someone can offer me some guidance on how to tackle a multi-layered problem I am facing.
I recently have taken over the book work for our family investments from my 90+ year old CPA father-in-law. My accounting skill and knowledge is no match to his over 70 years experience.
He had been using the Quicken 2015 Premium program on an older (2011) laptop. I decided that I might be better off if I upgraded the Quicken program and use a new desktop. I have downloaded the new Quicken program to the desk top but have not transferred the data on the lap top Quicken yet.
Technical service has assured me they could help me move the existing data from the older Quicken on the laptop to the new Quicken program on the new desktop.

At issue is, I have managed to make a mess out of the stock portfolio. Some of the recent stock swaps, spin offs and mergers that have occurred were incorrectly entered by me. The more I try to adjust the problem... I’m not sure I’m able to “fix” my mess.
1. Should I simply transfer the data with the errors and hope to correct them.
2. Can I transfer the old Quicken data from a backup date that precedes my stock adjustment errors and simply re-enter all the following months data and hopefully get help with how to correct the stock errors? (The cash and income is correct. My problems are in the stock cost basis and values from mergers and complex splits)
3. If I link my stock portfolio account in the Quicken program, to my brokerage account, will it automatically keep up with and track the cost basis etc. from splits, mergers and spin-offs? My father-in-law never linked the accounts. He preferred to do the calculations himself.

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  • bwalker56
    I thank you for your considerate and helpful advice. I will transfer the pre-messed up info and get the proper help to handle the complicated transactions that have caused me so much grief. I have a plan now and I should sleep better. Thank you again.
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