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Quicken 2017 for Mac: how do I see a list of all my current scheduled transactions?

I've used Quicken for Windows for years and recently bought a MacBook and decided to start using Quicken for Mac. I'd like to be able to see a list of all my current scheduled transactions if that's available. I have to admit I like the Windows version of Quicken MUCH better than the iOS app. Thanks much.

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  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Click the Bills & Income section in the blue bar. Then click the Projected Balances tab on that screen. 
    Quicken Mac Subscription; Quicken Mac user since the early 90s
  • chitownhockey
    chitownhockey Member ✭✭✭✭
    It's Quicken Mac 2017. There is no Bills & Income section. It's only Bills in the 2017 version. Plus, there is no Projected Balances tab in the 2017 version.
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