Impossible to install backup files after re installing Quicken

I recently had to format my computer to install a new SSD and I had to re install all my softwares. When I tried to include my data from a USB I got a message stating:''could not restore the file. I also have an external drive for backups but I got the same result.
What could be done ?
Thank You !

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  • Ps56k2
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    What version of Quicken -
    Can you start Quicken, and create a NEW file - as a test to see if Quicken is ok -

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

  • Polaire
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    On the other hand, I succeeded to download files from my bank and another financial institution. But I would much prefer my own files as they're more accurate when it comes to details (categories,etc).
    Thanks to you all for trying to help me !
  • miklk
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    If you can access the old file in File Explorer:

    Check the properties to see if it is read only (and if so, un check that)
    Copy the file on the USB and Paste it to your new SSD drive in Documents Folder or the default Documents\Quicken Folder
    Check the properties again to be sure it is not marked read only.

    Now, Try File/Open and find the file on the new SSD drive in the Documents folder you put it in

    Let us know if you got it open
  • Polaire
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    Thank you kindly for your help. Unfortunately,it did'nt solve the problem,
    After some check,I'm pretty sure my backup files are not corrupted.
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