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Issues downloading Bank of America accounts

I've been having issues with a particular account at Bank of America (BoA): I have 2 accounts, and one downloads just fine, but the other has (#1) the wrong beginning balance and (#2) wont download any more transactions after 10/18th. I reconciled the account from April to October (some entries were corrected) but the balance is still waaaaay off. In a moment of utter frustration I DELETED the account thinking I'd just redownload.


Long story short, I went to a backed up file then tried to redownload new transactions after the 18th and now I get error messages (CC-800) reporting that the account can't be found at BoA. I log into my BoA acct and of course it's there.

So I open a NEW quicken data file, to really start over. I still can't download the account as if it never happened and I'm asked 'Have you recently closed this account?'

At this point, I'd like to delete everything and start over if there are no other easy fixes. I'm not even sure if this is possible after uninstalling and reinstalling. I'm leery of deleting my quicken ID or making a new one because I'm unsure if I'll still get this issue.

Any wisdom for me out there besides never deleting an account in Quicken lest you break the internet?


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