Quicken 2017. Preparing budget for 2020. Monthly columns do not add.

Using Quicken 2017. I am preparing 2020 budget and realize the monthly totals all show '0' . The category row adds up correctly for the year, but all categories add to '0' for the month. Confused

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  • David Christopher
    David Christopher Member ✭✭✭✭
    Which monthly totals? I attach a screen shot of my 2020 budget for you to look at. From what I can read into your description, if I go to the end of year and look at the 2020 Summary column the categories total for the year (12 x Amount budgeted for each month, if each month is the same amount).

    To me the 'categories add to "0" ' mean the numbers at the bottom of the month are 0.  Are you looking at the totals at the bottom of the month; do you have Details selected at top so you see the three columns for each month?
  • David, I am a newbie to this forum, excuse any mistakes. Examining your budget, you have categories Dining, Entertainment, and Groceries, the total of just these three categories is greater than the amount shown in Totals for January. My budget shows a '0' in the January total. How do I add a screenshot?
  • My budget for 2020 page 1. See total at end of January
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