Error when Accessing Credit Score Report [edited]

Ross Jones
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Where is this "Premier" support I'm paying for? I click on support and get a list of questions that have nothing to do with the problem. And the only way I can see to get help is to go to the "Community". [removed - off-topic]

 Since there appears to be no other way here's my question:
When I try to get my credit report I get a message saying my information doesn't agree with yours. I do know my own name, address, and ssn. Of course, you don't bother to tell me what information you think is wrong. [How do I fix this?]

[removed - rant/off-topic]

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  • Ross Jones
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    No it doesn't look like that. But i can't tell you exactly what it looks like because I'm now locked out for putting in the wrong information too many times. THE INFO I PUT IN IS NOT WRONG. QUICKEN HAS SOMETHING WRONG BUT ISN'T EVEN TELLING ME WHAT'S WRONG. PHOOEY!
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