Manage Manual Bills - Set (due) dates change randomly

Q Home Bus & Rental R23.17 on Win 10 (not using any online bills). I'm manually re-correcting again and again a recurring error with the due date for future scheduled transactions (print checks) changing on it's own.

In my case, I send all my charitable contributions on 12/1 each year so there is a Bill Reminder to "print check" set to recur every year for each charity. This year, most were MIA. I searched and discovered the scheduled transactions have moved, most often, to the 1st of the next month (it's set for 1x a year on 12/1) and I find most of grouped together with a due date of 1/1/2020. I move them all back via the "edit this and future transactions", to 12/1. After I sync, they migrate to 1/1/2020 or 12/4/2020, randomly.

Reset cloud, deleted cloud, signed out, signed in, validate, re-uploaded to the cloud.

The pattern I'm seeing is that when I send info to Mobile, it alters the scheduled (upcoming) dates of my scheduled transactions in the Bills & Income table(s).


  • UKR
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    Especially for scheduled reminders that use Yearly frequency, there appears to be a bug in Quicken at this time. It tends to mess up scheduling and do things like "Yearly, every 12 years" instead of "Yearly, every 1 years".
    Try changing these reminders to "Monthly, every 12 months on the 1st day"
    Hoping for Quicken programmers to fix this scheduling mess soon.
    If you can make do with Sync to Mobile turned off for a while, please do so, to avoid Sync messing up schedules.
  • Mark Pedroia
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    A bit more information. Whenever an annual reminder moves forward (a month or so) on it's own, and it's restored to the previous date, the next time it self-advances, it adds an additional month on top of the last. It works like this:

    12/1/19 reminder rolls forward to 1/1/20
    I restore it to 12/1
    It self-rolls forward, this time to 2/1/20, I roll it back
    Next time, it's 3/1
    The furthest, so far, has been 4/1/20 for an annual reminder

    At least this helps me narrow the search on where to look to find them so I can roll them back
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