Reconcile Stopped Working - Seriously Broken

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Using Quicken 2017 ( No changes to hardware or OS in over a year, but suddenly I'm having serious issues using the reconcile function.

Every time I click on an item in the reconciliation dialog it flashes multiple times, and if I move the mouse cursor it highlights OTHER entries as I pass over them. This happens mostly when switching focus back to Quicken from another app (i.e. going back and forth between a bank statement PDF and Quicken).

Other problems include (a) Not all items show up in the reconcile list and (b) the cleared total not updating when I click on an item. I have changed NOTHING other than Quicken having installed its latest update to R19.7 last week. THE PROGRAM IS ALMOST UNUSABLE now.

I know Quicken has had focus switching problems for YEARS (at least 6 years so far) but this it the worst it's been. Is there ANY fix? I've been a loyal user since version 1 and it only seems to get worse with every upgrade or update.

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