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I have 2 accounts at a bank that does not update accounts, so I have to manually enter transactions into Quickens. I have had Quickens running across the top half of the screen, and online banking running at full screen behind it, and when I open Quicken it came up across the top half every time. Recently it has been opening as a square in the middle of the screen, and I don't remember doing anything to change that. I am running Windows 10. What can I do the get it to open the way I want it to?


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    I've had that happen to me, too, after the latest R 23.17 update ... but only twice.
    I reset the window size to my desired size, closed Quicken with the (used to be red) "X". Next start of Quicken it came back with the small window, so I reset it again, did my work in Quicken and closed it again. Third start "was a charm". The bigger window size was remembered and everything's OK since then, with daily close and reopening of Quicken.
    The mysterious Quicken programmer strikes again ...
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