capital gains estimator - how to print "lots"

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how do i print all lots selected in step 2 of capital gains estimator. on print I only get portion of selected lots.

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    Thanks for the info. Is Quicken working on this problem. The tool is very useful with all the bells and whistles but is a big let down if it doesn't provide a printed report that one can use to enter the online sell orders. I am in the process of trying to reduce a very large capital gain of a rental property sales. The estimator has identified 6 assets with 15 lots to be sold through 3 different financial brokers.

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    @Ringo22 I don't use the cap gains estimator. I would recommend opening a ticket with the support folks if you believe there is an issue so they can track and repair.
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    Spent 30 minutes with support on chat and was then asked by agent to setup a call with support. After an hour on the call I was given a case ticket # 7221672.
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