Scheduled transaction incorrectly affecting account balance

I have 6 monthly transactions that are scheduled on one of my credit card accounts.
cable bill $100
Electric Bill $200
netflix $23.
etc lets say a total of $500

The balance in the credit card account when I scroll down adds up every month.

However the scheduled transaction to pay off the credit card from my checking account (that has an estimated amount of my current account balance) only shows an amount for the first month.

So today on December 2nd, the December 28 scheduled payment for the full balance shows the current balance $500 (The total of the schedule bills being paid by the credit card that have been recorded.)

But any scheduled transactions that have not been recorded do not get included in the scheduled payment from the checking account.

Not a huge issue in any given 30 period, because I have the scheduled bill payments auto record 14 days early. (a workaround)

But if I go to the Bill and Income reminders tab and show the account balance graph for the account that is paying off the credit card each month I'm now forecasting a $500 higher per month balance than it should be based on the credit card paying the scheduled bills.

So if I flip 12 months into the future my checking account balance forecasts $6000 higher than it should be.

Frustrating when you get to the end of the year and come up $6K short of you forcast.

(Took me several months to figure out where the error in you forcasting was occuring.)

Please fix this egregious error in your balance forecasting equations.
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