Bug in Fidelity Cash & Spartan Money Market in Quicken subscription Mac?

Has anybody noticed gross mishandling of transactions by Quicken subscription Mac for the Fidelity Cash & Spartan Money Market? The cash balance is way off. Does the same problem exist for all money market funds?

I have been a customer for over 30 years, last using Quicken Window version 2017.
I just recently updated to Quicken subscription reloading over 30 years of transactions from Quicken Windows 2017 on both the Mac and Windows Quicken version.
I am comparing the results given by Quicken subscription Windows and Quicken subscription Mac. I found that the Fidelity Cash & Spartan Money Market on Quicken Mac shows a cash balance several hundred thousands dollar of (negative) versus the correct one on Quicken subscription Windows. :s

My goal is to transition to Quicken Mac in order to get rid of the VMware Windows virtual machine that I run on my Mac to support Quicken Windows.


  • If it helps and you provide a way to do so, I will send you images of a subset of the transactions loaded in the Mac and the Windows as the result of the upgrade process from Quicken Windows 2017.
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    This isn't an answer, but some comments on where I would start:

    (Screenshots help, but keep in mind this is a user to user forum. )

    The first thing I would look at is the price history for the MMF (which is normally $1.00). If this is being reported as shares held of the fund, make sure that total is correct in the Portfolio and that the price history is correct in the Securities window. That might seem basic, but I have to mention it. It is also a good place to start to see if the fund balance is correct, or if the investment register "cash" balance is what is causing the problem (and nothing related to a fund held.)

    The other issue that can cause problems in Quicken for Mac is that it doesn't support the single BoughtX/SellX (etc) transfer type transactions. If you had those in your QWin file, then examine how they came through.
  • I am using the BoughtX/SellX transactions in the Quicken Windows 2017. This link shows a screen shot of the way these transactions are converted into Quicken Mac subscription.
    It would be nice to add these transactions to Quicken Mac.
  • ... or break each of these transactions correctly into an equivalent sequence of Quicken Mac transactions. The current attempt at that sequencing is wrong, and Quicken should fix that bug.
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    Here are the same transactions in Quicken Windows subscription.
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    Thanks for the screenshots.

    I see the Buys and Transfers in both files. Was the [Fid CMA] account a "linked checking account" in your Windows file? The Mac versions have never supported those, and I honestly cannot tell you how they convert as I have never performed a QWin conversion with one.

    I hope other QWin converts can chime in with advice. All I am going by is that people who have the abcX Investment transactions run into trouble.
  • No, it is not a "linked checking account".
    Here is the way the Quicken Windows subscription CMA account is setup:
    Here is the way the Quicken Mac CMA subscription account is setup
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