Please provide a consistent tabular column behavior throughout Quicken (+5 Merged Votes)

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Some "tables" like registers have adjustable column widths.
Others , like the All Bills and Deposits in the Bill and Income Reminders screen have no adjustable column widths. 
And then others have some column widths that can be adjusted to 1 character in size while other columns can't be shrunk below many (say 30) for example characters like the description field in investment registers.

Please make a consistent user experience for tabular displays.
Please allow all column widths to be shrunk to 1 character in size.  Sometimes it is necessary in order to fit needed information from other columns on the screen.

Deluxe R53.32., Windows 10 Pro

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  • leishirsute
    leishirsute Member ✭✭✭✭
    In Checking account registers, I have the ability to customize what columns I want displayed.
    In Investment accounts, I don't have that ability.
    In Investment accounts, I can change the width of the securities field to 1 character displayed, but I can't do this in the Description field.  I often want to shrink the column width of the Description field in order to fit desired information on the screen, since I can't choose fields to display in Investment accounts.
    Please make consistent column behavior throughout Quicken.  Preferably, make column tailoring behavior more closely match column tailoring behavior like that in check registers.


    Deluxe R53.32., Windows 10 Pro

  • Phil Burton
    Phil Burton Member, Windows Beta Beta
    And please make column widths a configurable setting that all to all accounts of a given type, e.g. credit cards.
    Been using Quicken (and TurboTax) since DOS days in 1990s.
  • Qckn User
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    Screen sizes are sometimes too small to fit all columns from tabular windows displays.
    In Quicken, there are several tables who's column cannot shrink at all.
    In many tables and registers, the columns have inconsistent behavior, some able to shrink to just one character and others that can't shrink below 25+ characters. Please make column width behavior consistent throughout Quicken to accomdodate smaller screens.

    Deluxe R49.33, Windows 10 Pro

  • Gregg107
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    Column handling should follow modern Windows and UI practices. All columns should be selectable (visible/hide) and all column widths should be changable. If columns are required (e.g. to ensure a function works properly), selection should be ON and should be greyed out in the selection UI.

    With the various ways Q currently handles columns differently from pane to pane, you have a very inconsistent user experience which leads to frustration and inefficiency.
  • CT_Woods
    CT_Woods Member
    Lack of control over columns is especially a problem in vertical format (portrait mode) displays, where every pixel is precious. Quicken makes me waste a lot of space on silly, fixed with items (Clr), and won't allow me to minimize the width of some of the less important or less useful columns of data.

    I second the thought above: Adopt modern Windows display & UI protocols.
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Yes, this has been a frustrating issue since the dawn of time. I suspect different generations of programmers had different skill levels and used different GUI tool kits over the course of Quicken's long life.
    I am constantly twiddling column widths to see what I need to see. On the scale of problems facing the people of Earth, this one is very small and would probably take serious effort to remedy. But It Sure Would Be Nice.

    Quicken user since version 2 for DOS, now using QWin Biz & Personal Subscription (US) on Win10 Pro.

  • TTSguy
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    I'm down to using about 10% of what Quicken is capable of doing. Please Please, don't do anything that might jeopardize screwing that up! (Web connect and Reports) that's currently the 2 things that work pretty well almost all the time. I know that's a lot for just those 2 things, bur what do you do when someone's got you by the back pocket?
  • gizmoinva
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    @quicken - Please fix this issue with the lack of column width control.
  • clokeefe
    clokeefe Member ✭✭

    yes, please allow column width changes in bills and reminders.

  • SeaStar
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    I offer a resounding YES vote! Strongly urge functionality so Users can define and save User-preferences of what criteria shows in tables, define and save what criteria does NOT show (like clear, tags, etc), set column widths, sort each column. Mostly, please enable way for Users to set universal SAVE VIEW for all tables. I've subscribed and used Quicken for 20+ years and know that I've spent hours of time manipulating these tables. YES VOTE!

  • Louise
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    I can only add a resounding PLEASE to the above comments

    I have used Quicken siince about 1984 or 85. My biggest frustration has and still is trying to set Register Columns - - especially in Investment accounts!!!!!!!!!!!! And trying to make them consistent across all accounts!!!!!!!