I had to change my password for my mobile account and now my desktop freezes when loading Quicken

I was finally able to sync my desktop to the web but couldn't log into my account on my phone. I reset my web password and was able to get into quicken on my phone but now my desktop app shows a blank dialog titled Enter Quicken ID Password. There are no inputs or buttons on the box except for the X to close. If I close, it still shows as if there is a modal dialog open and I can't access anything in Quicken. I assume I need to update the password on the desktop but I can't do anything. I tried killing the app and restarting it. It still pops up with the modal blank dialog. Help!


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  • stanglady1992
    I had to use chat with a rep and we ended up clearing out a bunch of appdata files which did not work. Then we restored a backup that didn't have mobile set up. From there I was able set up mobile and do a sync. Then I could open my current data file and everything was back to normal. Appears something was messed up in the hook to quicken.com when the password got changed.
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