Schwab logins gives CC-503 error

For the past month, whenever I run the One Step Update, my Schwab accounts return with the "Oops! Did you mistype your login?" CC-503 error message. I am using the correct logins and passwords. I have deactivated the account in Quicken and now cannot reactivate. I allow 3rd party access (OFX) at Schwab. I didn't change anything at Schwab, so it has to be a Quicken issue. Any further suggestions? It is getting onerous to input all transactions by hand.


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    Hello @HopeBlossom

    Thank you for taking the time to report this issue to the Community, although I apologize that you have not yet received a response.

    Typically an error that begins with a "CC" indicates the account is connected using the Express Web Connect method.  Prior to deactivating the account in Quicken were you downloading transactions using the "Direct Connect" method?

    Or did this issue begin originally with receiving a CC-503 error when updating the accounts using the One Step Update?

    If you aren't sure, please attempt to add the account(s) once more by going to the Tools menu > Add Account option.

    Select the account type, Financial Institution name and when the screen to enter your login credentials appears, select the "Advanced Setup" link at the bottom, almost center of the window.

    On the net screen, select the top bubble to select the connection method and then select Direct Connect and enter the login credentials once again.

    Is an error still received?  If so, what does that error say?

    Thank you,

  • HopeBlossom
    Thank you for responding. I tried to add a new checking account. I come back with the CC-503 error. When I followed your more detailed instructions using advanced setup, I come back with an error message:

    OL-293-A "Quicken is unable to update your account because unexpected information was received from your financial institution."

    Update: I was able to link 2 bank accounts using one of the variants of Schwab's names provided in Quicken. However, the brokerage accounts are still not working and giving the OL-293-A Error mentioned above.
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    You should contact Schwabs Quicken support and get help from them.
    They may be able to point you in the right direction.
    They may also need to reset your account so that third party access is acceptable.

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    A while ago Schwab made a change in their investment programs which caused a lot of errors, as follows:
    Error OL 301 with Schwab accounts (or "General error 2000")?
    Logon to your Internet account at Schwab's website and make sure that in your profile, Security Center, "Third Party Access" is set to "Allow".
    Wait several minutes before you try to download from Quicken again.
    Quicken Mac users: Make sure that your account is connected to Schwab using "Direct Connect" protocol.
    Could this be what's causing your problems?
  • HopeBlossom
    Well, it is working now. I didn't make any phone calls. I had already set 3rd party access to "allow" so I didn't change that. Literally the only thing I "did" was bring up the problem here.
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