Budget woes after upgrade to Quicken 2016

Hi, I'm a longtime user of Quicken XG here (2003 Canadian edition), happily using it offline only for years now. I recently was forced to upgrade to Quicken 2016 Home & Business since I moved to a new PC on Windows 10, and it's no longer possible to activate the old Intuit software.

Unfortunately, I've had nothing but problems since the upgrade. Converting my data file through the intermediate versions was a nightmare, I had to manually restore all my investing price history, and the 2016 edition seems laggy and buggy as heck compared to the clean, stable XG.

Anyway, I worked through most of that and got it working, but the one thing I absolutely cannot get working properly are the budgets and budgeting tools and reports. Issues I'm having include:

* The budgets seem to randomly overwrite themselves no matter how many times I go back and re-enter the correct amounts. This keeps happening over and over again; I simply can't get the budgets to stay put.
* Entire category groups are rolling up to zero, even though there are budgeted items under each category group.
* Working with subcategories is a nightmare. Quicken 2016 seems to create an "everything else" and an "other" for each subcategory, and transactions assigned to the parent-level category are not showing up properly. e.g. if I have "Auto" and "Auto:Fuel", the transactions under "Auto" are not showing up in the budget totals.
* When I run budget reports, selected categories are not showing up as line items on the report, even though their amounts are included in the totals. They are just missing at random.

I see in searching the community that this appears to be a known issue, and it seems to happen on all versions from about 2013 onwards, and is still happening on the latest version as far as I can tell.

My questions are:

1. Has anyone found any workarounds or ways to get the budgets to behave?
2. Is there a better / more stable version out there than Quicken 2016?

This is really frustrating, since a personal finance software where I can't trust the numbers is basically worthless. For the moment I've been running it side by side with my old Win7 machine running XG, and double-entering every transaction for comparison purposes. But I obviously can't do this forever.

For reference, I've ensured that the latest Mondo patch is installed, and I've already tried validating and repairing my file.

... Help?
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