Too many columns by default in subreports

I can save a Report in Q2019 Windows that shows only the columns I want. But if I click on one of the totals with a "plus" sign to get a display of the transactions that go into that total, by default it displays with all columns displayed, each very narrow so that no useful data can be seen without removing unwanted columns with the settings wheel, and widening the columns.
Just a suggestion - why can't subreports by default follow the settings (enabled columns and their width) of the primary report?


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    I understand your point. But consider that when a user drills down into a “subreport” he may indeed want to see a greater level of detail, i.e, more columns.

    Report column width is a long-standing problem we’d all like to see fixed. It does not appear to be high on the priority list.

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