Blackstone (BX) created a merger using same name and symbol. How do I enter the cost/transaction?

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Q wants me to enter it as a sale and buy,cost basis, and then subtract it from my cash in account. I obviously want to keep the detail from original buy.


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    More direct info wold be helpful.  What I see is that Blackstone converted from a publicly traded partnership to a corporation effective July 1, 2019.  Is that what you are referring to?

    I would not rely on the brokerage to get that right for any one users particular file. 

    For that scenario (as I understand it), I would:
    • Edit the old version to be clearly named - Something like Blackstone Ptnrs
    • Edit the ticker symbol to: BX(old)
    • Edit that security to no longer be matched to an online security (uncheck the box).
    • Create a new security for the Corporation:  Blackstone Corp, with the ticker BX
    • Enter transactions button - Corporate Acquisition with the Corp acquiring the Partners version (1:1 I assume) on 7/1/19 (I assume).
    • Make sure with the next download that the current holding gets matched to the newer Corp security.
    Your other option is to forego most of that and simply edit the existing security to uncheck the "Matched" box and get the matching redone with the next download.  Edit the security name if you choose to.

    In either case you are deleting or ignoring any related transactions downloaded from the financial institution.