How do I get the employer match portion of my 401k contribution to not show up in my budget?

I'm using the paycheck planner to account for not just my spending, but also my taxes and pre-tax deductions in my monthly budget. I'm running into a problem however where it's counting the ENTIRE contribution against my budget, instead of just the portion that actually came from income.

When I went to my 401k account, it shows the contributions as being split, but it shows both as coming from my checking account.

How am I supposed to keep them separate in my budget planner?

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  • JordanL
    JordanL Member
    This worked. It was definitely counter-intuitive, but it makes sense to count the employer contribution as income, which then balanced the budget correctly. It would be nice if I could rename the category for budget purposes so that I didn't have that odd looking "_401kEmployerContrib" category, but I'll settle for having it balance correctly.
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