Credit Card Payments Accounted Twice

Simple question. Say I make a purchase of $100 (restaurant) with my credit card. Then, I make a payment of $100 to the credit card.
In my "See where my money goes" graph, I see $100 in Dinning and $100 in Credit Card with a total spending of $200 which is not real!
Is there a way to avoid this double accounting?

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi GeoffG, Thanks so much for your answer.
    One little thing. Quicken automatically loads the transactions from the checking account and from the credit card. Including payments.
    You are suggesting to let this automatic load happen and then go in and correct it manually?
    Thanks again.
    Take care.
  • GeoffG
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    You will want to turn off the auto entry.

  • tdill13
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    If you budget for the transfer to the credit card, say $100 to Citibank as part of your debt reduction plan. You decide that you will still use the credit card, but pay off new purchases you make on the card every month in addition to the $100 already budgeted. When shopping for groceries you use the Citibank card for a purchase of $50 for groceries. You now have $50 that is budgeted to groceries. To maintain your debt reduction plan you add that $50 to your $100 that you originally budgeted for the transfer to Citibank. $150 is now budgeted to the credit card transfer and $50 for the purchase of groceries. Hence, as the original post indicated you will have budgeted for double of what was actually spent on groceries, in this example.
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