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Brent Sansom
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Folks, I can't be alone on this requirement. As a 10 year plus user of Quicken (Canadian), it is critical for a Home and Business user, to be able to depend on Quicken tracking to meet Government (income tax depts.) reporting requirements, that include being able to export the receipts (scanned in as attachments to each register transaction) related to any report I produce for them. Could you either provide me a way to do so from Quicken, or provide me the contact information for anyone who has the knowledge and ability to use and access my Quicken Data base to generate such a customized reporting capability. Please let me know , as I am under an audit with a Jan 17, 2020 deadline to provided that requested information and copies of my receipts. Thank you , Brent Sansom [phone number removed] , [email address removed]


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    As far as I know, you'd need to print each and every receipt from each and every attached transaction.  It's not a pretty process.  There's no internal way to parse out all the attachments and print them.

    That's the downside restriction of attaching receipts to transactions.  Retrieving them as a group is impossible in Quicken. 

    That, and as you accumulate more and more receipts, your Quicken data file gets bloated and can affect performance.  And of course, if there's any corruption with your Quicken data file, those attachments may be permanently lost.

    This will not help you with your audit at all, and for that I sympathize that you're not getting more help or an better answer to your issue...but I would scan the receipts into a folder based hierarchy system on your PC in the future (starting 1/1/2020) or into a separate document based organizational software (Paperless), but outside of Quicken.  And of course, backup those up on a regular basis to an external source.  
  • Brent Sansom
    Appreciate your feedback, but obviously wish there were a different answer in old faithful - Quicken. I have been exploring Quickbooks, and they offered me a beta release that actually provided a way to batch export the attachments related to selected transactions. Maybe Quicken support could step up for us all that are in this type of CRA reporting issue. It could help every Quicken small business user and keep them using their software solution.?
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