Budget only report

I like the default budget report showing month columns however, for planning purposes, I would like to run this report only showing the monthly budget columns (no actual or difference) as i want to print this report in order to do planning and analysis for FY 2020. Any idea how I can do this using the Canadian Home & Business subscription version?

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  • walker.sc
    walker.sc Member ✭✭
    Thanks for your response. While this does actually work, the formatting is not pretty. The date and page number fields are in the top left and right corners meanwhile the columns are in the center.... with white space on both sides... the font is tiny yet there is plenty of unused space on each page.
  • PedroCG
    PedroCG Member ✭✭
    Another option would be to export the budget to Excel and delete the unwanted columns. Then format, much better looking report but takes a bit more time.
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