How do downloaded dividend reinvestment transactions work in Quicken?

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I am using Quicken MAC (Version 5.13.3) using macOS Catalina v10.15.2. On 12/20 I received 4 reinvested dividend transactions from NetBenefits for 4 different mutual funds my 401k account. I noticed that my total account balance in NetBenefits was different than what Quicken says. When I look in Quicken's Portfolio, all but two of the funds show the same number of shares as what is in my Net Benefits holdings. The two that do not are short for the same number of shares that were reinvested in each fund. NetBenefits shows that those two funds have total shares equal to what Quicken says plus the reinvested shares that were downloaded. The difference is roughly the same amount as the current value of those reinvested shares.

What could be causing this difference?


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    When you look in the Transactions view instead of Portfolio, do you see the dividend reinvestments? Depending on how NetBenefits records them, they might each show up as two transactions - one for the dividend payout, and one for purchasing additional shares.

    I've run into an issue with the portfolio view for an account using DirectConnect:

    If you see the share purchases in Transactions but the Portfolio balance isn't consistent, we may be seeing the same thing. There was a suggestion in my thread to check if Quicken inserted "placeholder transactions," which you would find at the very beginning of the transaction history as grey entries. Can get generated if the financial institution somehow mis-reported the total share balances, so Quicken throws in a transaction to make the balances work out. Wasn't the case for me, but you should verify.
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