Is anyone successfully using rent center?

Rent center does not seem to work for the most basic functions. If you input an actual amount of rent received that is less than expected rent amount rent center will not roll the past due amount forward. I have been through several calls with help desk and they agreed that the software does not work and that was the end of the help they could provide. I am using quicken 2017 rental property manager


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    Have you checked the Quicken HELP feature?  There are many articles about how to enter rent payments.  One of them includes posting rent payments from multiple tenants of the same property, which I assume would be the same as posting a partial rent payment.

    And whomever advised you that the rental software doesn't work is uninformed (removed-disruptive) For those that set it up correctly, it seems to work just fine for most people who own a small number of properties.  
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