What is the collective wisdom of Quicken users to keep an inventory of household property?

I committed a significant amount of time to a program offered by American Family named "My Vault" It worked very well providing inventory by room, categories (jewelry, furs, etc), etc. I took pictures of items and noted the location of the receipts, etc. Everything was saved until the decided to discontinue the program and I lost all the information and precious time.
I'm using the most updated version of Quicken and signed up to receive upgrades as they become available.
What's available out there?


  • Scooterlam
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    I'm using latest QW version and I see Quicken still maintains their Home Inventory program.   Have a look at this link on how to set it up:

    As you will see, QHI is rather antiquated but still seems to work fine.   It allows you to update your HI and pass the value into Quicken's account bar as an Asset account.   I see it also has import capabilities but I have not seen an data export feature.  But, there are several "canned" reports.

    If your considering using QHI, perhaps you can look into how the import feature works >>>   Create a spreadsheet,  save as comma delimited, import to Quicken HI, evaluate it and decide if you want to use it or fall back to your spreadsheet.   This would be my approach if I choose to recreate my work - use the spreadsheet as a master record.  I lost my QHI work several years ago and never rebuild it.

    Perhaps a @Quicken moderator can comment on Quicken Home Inventory support.  Since the application executable is still installed with the latest version of Quicken, I assume that it is still officially supported and not end of life.

    Anyone else in the community regularly use QHI?

  • volvogirl
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    There were 2 different inventory programs.  The Home Inventory Manager stand alone program QHIM has photos and the QHI embedded program does not. If you have the .idb file that is the embedded one.  I got my program (the QHI one) to work in Windows 8.1.  The first one was discontinued years ago.

    You have to first install the Inventory program so you have to find the install file and double click on it. The install file is QuickenHomeInventory.exe (and you should also have  EmergencyRecordsOrganizer.exe).

    I have Quicken 2013 and when I moved Quicken to my new HP Desktop 64bit with Windows 8.1 -  I found inventory in C:\Program Files (x86)\Quicken folder.

    After it was installed,  I went back and found the actual program "QHI.exe"  in the programs folder and I right clicked on it and sent a shortcut to my Desktop.  The data file ends in .IDB.  It should be in My Documents (or just Documents) in the Quicken folder.  Or search for it.  

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

  • Chiquito
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    I am answering my own question here. After following suggestions sent to me by a user (didn't work) I found that Excel has an inventory template that works very well. I'd not hesitate to recommend it.
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