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Is there a way to start a new file for each year?

For instant my current file goes back several years - at least 2016 or before. I would like to start fresh for 2020. And next year start fresh again for 2021.

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  • shirbert
    shirbert Member ✭✭
    I am not having an issue. I just thought it would be neat to keep all of each year unique. For instance for my paper check book register, I start a new register each year and file the old register with my tax file for that year. Thanks for your quick response
  • bmciance
    bmciance SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I am sure there are a good number of people that like to do it that way but the drawbacks far outweigh the benefits.   
  • shirbert
    shirbert Member ✭✭
    Thanks for your input. With the responses I received to quickly, I have decided not to pursue this idea.
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