Can't seem to generate a report that shows me the total gain or loss for an investment...

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Greetings—So I own a stock that yields dividends, but I've lost a ton of money on the stock price itself (like, down 50%). However, the dividends are quite decent.

So... I know I can see the "Gains and Losses" in the "Portfolio" tab in the Brokerage window in Quicken, but rather than have to go to THAT window, I'd much prefer to create a report that will give me my "net" gain or loss, once the dividends are factored in.

But when I go to "Reports", while there is much one can do granularly, I have yet to figure out how to show that "Net" gain or loss for any one particular stock. The dividends for this stock can justify my staying with this stock (despite losing about half the initial value - for now - but if the share price continues to drop I'm probably going to cut my losses.

Being able to see the "net gain / loss" at a glance, would be really helpful... thanks for any clarify! :smile:

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    Sadly, I don't think you can create this report in Quicken. Quicken folks--please rectify!
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