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I am transferring from using Q for Mac to Q for W (Home & Business)
My credit card is used by ? 1 person. In Q for Mac I manage this by use of the "Transfer" feature where I "Transfer" that charge to an Asset account I set up for each individual user. That leaves the transaction showing in the Credit Card (which it needs to so I can see the totals, regardless of who made the charge); and when the individual concerned pay what they owe each month that reduces the Asset account in their name by that amount.

I cannot find a similar feature in Q for W. All the Chat help could tell me to do was Move the transaction (which then removes it from the Credit Card account, and it just shows in the relevant Asset account, or to "Actin Items" for the CC account and "Transfer Money".

While this latter action leaves the entry in the CC account, and builds the amount owing in the relevant Asset account, it means i have to make a completely new manual entry, rather than (in Mac) just inserting the name of the Asset account in the Transfer column.

So, my question is whether Q for W is actually the poorer in being able to do this (in other words, it can't), or is there another way other than the manual (and unstisfactory) Transfer Money approach above ?

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  • volvogirl
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    Yes but he says it left the amount in the total in the credit card account.  I never heard of that.  Something doesn't seem right or missing in his question.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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