Quicken fails to correctly calculate investment amounts

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My example is with investment VINIX. On 12/31/19 its value was $290.23/share both in my holdings on Quicken R23.18 and on my brokerage. I enter a transaction for 12/31/19 to remove 1 share of VINIX. Quicken inventories $256.12, not $290.23. What is going on? This is repeatable with different dates and number of shares.

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    @ps56k Yes the price on that day is indeed 290.23 as I said. But Quicken puts a different number in. Try this to prove it. In an investment account enter a buy of 1 share of VINIX for some random day in 2019 and for some random cost. Now on 12/31/19 enter a transaction to remove (not sell) that share. It will deduct that random cost, not the cost on 12/31/19.

    My FI does a lot of these little shares added and removed as "account servicing fees." When I enter an add it is ok, but when I enter a remove I get seemingly random entries for the value. And it is not a "sell" because it is deducted from the account.
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    @Bob_L you made my day! I've been puzzled by this for the longest time.
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