3 investment accounts at same broker added successfully but 4th not adding.

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I set up 3 investment accounts at Wealthscape on Quicken Deluxe for Mac 2020 . Worked fine. Tried setting up my 4th account with same login. When I enter the account number it returns that the other 3 or setup but doesn't do anything with 4th account. Tried chatting with Quicken support, they told me Quicken for Mac doesn't support investments. When I bought it that was clearly listed as 1 of the features, and I already setup the other 3 accounts. Then they said it was a problem with the broker and not Quicken. The broker is saying I am gaining access to all of my other accounts so it's a Quicken problem. Has anyone else experienced this problem?


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    Obviously, the advice you got about Quicken for Mac not supporting investment accounts is wrong. Your ability to setup your existing three is proof alone. 

    Investment accounts (including Wealthscape) use direct connect, so Quicken is communicating directly with Wealthscape's servers. If only three accounts are presented during "account discovery", then yes, that is all the broker provides access to.

    You can verify by creating a new blank file (don't enable mobile). If all you see are those three, then that is all the broker supports for automated download.

    You can certainly add the additional account and manually enter transactions if so desired. When adding the new account (and have the bank list presented), click on options and choose the Manual option. 

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    Thanks, I'll give this a try.
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