Register not displaying old loan account

I am using Quicken Deluxe 2020 R23.21 Build

I have two accounts under "Property & Debt" - a "personal loan" account and a car loan, both from the same institution. The personal loan is essentially a credit card without the card. It's set up for overdraft protection on my checking account, but I can transfer money from this account at will.

This loan account used to show the register, but now it just gives me a screen where it's wanting loan details. I don't know when this account was opened (decades ago), the account balance was zero at the time, and the rest of the information it's requesting is not relevant for this account. This account is not a normal loan as defined in Quicken, and I need to be able to see the register (and download transactions) to manage this properly.

Oddly enough, the car loan is displaying the register as it always has, as are the credit card accounts.

How can I get to the register display for this account?

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  • mjscores64
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    I’m having the same issue. The link you provided just goes to the product page. Can provide an updated link?