new desktop

i got a new desktop computer so i downloaded quicken. i have the subscription based version. i copied the file from old desktop to new desktop via USB. I am signed in with the same ID on my desktop as i am on my mobile devices. my wife has enterered some receipts from costco from her phone app. they show on her phone and my phone but they dont show on the desktop. also i have entered some transactions on my desktop that are not syncing to the mobile devices...i am fairly confident i am syncing properly.


  • Valderi
    Valderi Member ✭✭✭✭
    Did you transfer your data from Backup & Restore?
    I would reset the Q loud account.
  • Tyler
    Tyler Member ✭✭
    yes i did from back-up & restore. how do you resent cloud account?
  • Tyler
    Tyler Member ✭✭
    i signed out of the quickenid on desktop and signed back in. that appears to have one the trick
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