Scheduled Transactions: Social Security payments

QM20 seems to have changed the Frequency selections to just the date and a fixed interval. There used to be an interval which mimicked Social Security payments which occur on Wednesday's, depending on the date of your birth. For example, my Social Security payment occurs on the 2nd Wed of the month (which is a different date each moth). My wife's SS payment occurs on the 4th Wed of the month. QM used to have a frequency selection of the the 2nd Wed or the 4th Wed (for my wife's Social Security payment), Now the selection is only a specific date of the month, repeating the same date each month. Can you please add back to the frequency list the ability to select the 2nd Wed of the month and the 4th Wed of the month and repeat these each month (varying the date of the month but always on the 2nd or 4th Wed).

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  • rtribit
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    John, Thank you, that worked!
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