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:( So I just sat down to run reports for my 2019 taxes and every report that I have saved or create looks like the attached ("quickenreports"). No details show, and when I try to use the column divider to resize ("quickenreports2"), it still does not show the line items below it.

Help! Because, of course, today is the day I set aside to do this.

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    Additional information:
    Try the Tax Schedule and/or Tax Summary reports as an alternative.
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    > @UKR said:
    > Take a look in each of the reports' Customization dialogs.
    > If there's a "Reset Columns" button near the lower right of the Display tab, click it and see if that resolves the issue.Reports saved from older version of Quicken may have this conversion problem. After the report works again, save the changed report and replace the old, bad report copy.

    Thank you! Doing this to ONE report fixed every saved report.
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